Since the beginning of the movement to feed and nurture the critically ill, information has been freely shared to develop best practices and to foster a sense of community. ANSA’s Technical Assistance Program, consisting of Connections, On-Site Provision, Executive Coaching, Publications, and Teleconferences – embodies this spirit of generosity.


ANSA’s teleconferences are intended to provide our membership with information and guidance on timely issues. Geared to such areas as nutrition, development/communication, board, volunteer management, administration, and client services, teleconferences are free to ANSA members and available for a fee for non-members.

Executive coaching

Short-term Executive Coaching offers executive directors of member agencies the opportunity to be coached through a particularly challenging or stressful time.

Onsite Consulting

Depending on the member needs, ANSA either plans one-on-one telephone sessions with experts in a variety of fields or will pay a consulting expert to visit the member site.

Member Queries

ANSA members receive free queries – mini-surveys of the membership on any issue you may be facing. If you have a query, please contact Maria Staunton at

International Program

Responding to the continued escalation of the HIV pandemic in developing countries, ANSA launched its International Program in 2007. This unique program makes use of the wealth of knowledge and skills ANSA member agencies and partners have gained in more than two decades of service to HIV communities in the U.S., Canada, and London. International Program participants share their expert resources in HIV nutrition, volunteerism, organizational management, community mobilization, fundraising and capacity building with communities profoundly affected by HIV.

In townships and settlements in developing countries, ANSA global participants develop “twinning” partnerships with community-based entities. Together they establish innovative nutrition programs that are linked with other service providers, community organizations, schools and businesses to ensure long-term sustainability and success. Initial efforts are focusing on addressing the profound challenges of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

On a broader scale, ANSA global participants collaborate with larger, established multi-national organizations, providing adjunct nutrition support to HIV projects they are setting up or already operating in multiple countries. This ensures that nutrition is integrated as part of the whole continuum of care in global HIV/AIDS programs.

ANSA members may become a participant in the International Program in two ways, either as a Global Member Agency (GMA) or a Global Support Agency (GSA). To learn more about this, please click here. Individuals and non-member businesses and organizations interested in participating are invited to call for more information.

To read about the ANSA International Program in action, click on the “International Program Blog” link above. You can also read about the exciting international work of ANSA Global Member Agencies by visiting these links: